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Do you want to know who I am ?

April 15, 2012

        I am someone who is to afraid to say what I’m afraid of. It’s very scary trying to do your own thing. I wish I could just be able to shout to the world what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid of standing up for my beliefs. 

        Being a young teenager at my age of 15 is very scary. Many young teenagers have trouble trying to figure out who they are. They have trouble in trying to fit in, they have trouble being themselves. Many teens aren’t themselves because, they’re afraid of what other ignorant kids have to say.  

       The high school I go to is very scary. I’m just a little short freshman intimidated by all the older kids. It’s hard trying to fit in with others. Mainly, when your not comfortable with the stuff your doing to fit in. When I try to say what I have to say I become a coward. I’m afraid of standing up for what I feel is right. Afraid of being made fun of.


I just want to be confident on being my self.


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